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Expert Women

It’s been acknowledged by broadcasters across the industry that there aren't enough expert female contributors appearing on air. BBC Expert Women is our attempt to redress the balance via a series of free training days that provide experiences, insight and networking opportunities that help demystify the media and boost skills.

Introducing BBC Expert Women's Days

Expert Women training days are for female experts with specialist knowledge in areas where women tend to be under-represented in the broadcast media

Expert Women

How do you get to share your expertise and knowledge on TV and radio? Three attendees of the BBC Academy's Expert Women's day talk about being an expert woman in the broadcast industry.

Expert Women's Day Northern Ireland: learning to go live

We caught up with three expert women to hear what they found out about making it in the media at the Belfast event

Expert Women's Day Scotland: how to make an impact on air

Advice for potential contributors and presenters from the event at Pacific Quay in Glasgow

Expert Women’s Day North: top tips on the business of the business

Expert advice from industry panelists including space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock and BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull

Expert Women: Fern Riddell, Historian

Historian Fern Riddell encounters icy winds and inspiring company at the BBC Academy’s second free day of training for expert women.

Expert Women: YouTube channel and database launched

Expert Women: YouTube channel and database launched

Expert Women: going from 'imposter' to presenter

Jassel Majevadia on imposter syndrome and finding the confidence to say "yes" to a media appearance

Expert Women: Dr Emily Sidonie Grossman on her training day experience

"While preparation is key, when it comes to the crunch it’s best to leave your notes at home and just be real..."