Profile: technical product manager

Oli Bartlett describes his work as product manager for the linked data platform

After completing his degree in aeronautical engineering, Oli Bartlett made the move to broadcast engineering when he joined the BBC over ten years ago. Oli started out as a project management and consultancy trainee, and since then he has alternated between technical project management and business analysis for various sections of the BBC. Here, Oli discusses his current role as product manager for the BBC’s linked data platform.

"We have to be open to new technology: everything could change overnight" - Oli Bartlett

The linked data platform is a cutting-edge innovation which means any piece of web content can be automatically and intelligently linked to other relevant pieces of content. The platform ensures that users are directly presented with media of interest to them, and also saves website owners the time-consuming job of inputting links manually. Linked data technology is normally used in academia and the pharmaceutical industry, so the BBC is breaking new ground by using it for live media publishing.

Oli says an important part of his team’s work is modelling efficient engineering practices, such as pair programming and test-driven design, to other development teams. The linked data team was one of the first to use Scala, which has since been taken up by various other BBC teams. Oli also promotes the platform by giving talks within the BBC, and to outside organisations, about the benefits of linked data.