Profile: senior data architect

Sofia Angeletou describes her work as a senior data architect

Sofia Angeletou is a senior data architect for the BBC’s linked data platform, a new method of storing BBC content so that it can be easily searched for and combined with other content. Having gained a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, Sofia says she left academia for the BBC because she wanted to apply her skills more practically.

The role of the linked data team is to identify how diffuse pieces of content such as video clips, game and articles link to each other, and to create models for bringing this data together in a meaningful way. Sofia’s job involves building data models, coding them as RDF and turning them into visual maps of how data fits together. Her main tools are the TopBraid composer, which she uses to edit and publish ontologies to her team, as well as open source software such as Eclipse, which allows quick data manipulation via Java Script.

"It’s really refreshing seeing how linked data can help people to do their jobs better"  – Sofia Angeletou

Sofia’s role means working closely with other data architects to ensure all data modelling is done consistently, as well as engaging with customers of the linked data platform to ascertain their needs and see how they are experiencing the platform. 

With Google already making used of linked data, and the New York Times beginning to implement it too, the potential for collaboration and data sharing between organisations is growing rapidly.