Profile: senior software engineer

Alex King on life as a senior software engineer for BBC Sport

Alex King, a senior software engineer for BBC Sport, describes the challenges and triumphs of working in a team which plays a major role in the BBC’s data delivery strategy.

During an average day, the Sport team are responsible for processing multiple forms of data into the different formats used to deliver content to the public. Alex’s role covers two main areas - maintaining the Sports Data API, plus an increasing amount of work on Linked Data.

"I always thought of the BBC as the standard for web development, and still do" - Alex King

The BBC Sport team works in two week cycles, breaking down objectives into manageable tasks. A standardised approach is key to handling the 200 million XML files that the team has to process every year. However, the focus remains firmly on quality rather than speed - even on a Saturday afternoon when football results are coming in thick and fast. 

Alex says the highlight of his job so far was the 2012 relaunch of the Sport website, which involved massive changes to the website's architecture. He also cites the training opportunities and access to expert advice as one of the main advantages of working for the BBC. 

Life on the Sport team is never boring since new challenges are emerging constantly. Everyone is passionate about their work, and colleagues quickly turn into friends as every work cycle ends in a well-deserved team pub visit.