Compelling TV with good audio

Danny Cohen explains the BBC's commitment to consistent loudness levels across channel output

In his role as Director of BBC TV, Danny Cohen is responsible for the general output of BBC Television. He opened the Sound Matters conference on 20th January by emphasising the importance of delivering good sound to the TV audience. He reiterated the BBC’s existing audibility guidelines and outlined how they will be updated to include the new loudness standards. 

“The adoption of R128 will solve our loudness issues” – Danny Cohen

Viewers often complain about jumps in audio volume around the programme junctions. By introducing the EBU R128 loudness standard, Danny said that the BBC’s aim is to achieve a consistent perceived loudness level across the entire day’s output of a channel. He explained how the "new recommendations about the relative levels of foreground speech against background music and effects will provide an unambiguous framework for protecting the audibility of our dialogue". The overall result is that viewers no longer have to fiddle with their volume controls once they have set it to their personal desired level.