Production / Television

Specialist filming

Sometimes a programme requires footage that takes particular skills and equipment to capture. Planning ahead and working with specialists to understand how to use the techniques properly can greatly enhance a production. Find out more about the skills of specialist filming.

I made... Attenborough's Fabulous Frogs

What's it like working on a nature production with David Attenborough? Studio assistant Jessica Mitchell tells all.

Creating special effects for Doctor Who

How are models used in the making of Doctor Who? Miniature effects supervisor Mike Tucker explains.

How to be a natural history producer

Want to work on some of the planet's biggest nature programmes? Here are some tips from the BBC Natural History Unit.

Fixed rig productions

From the school to the chicken shop, fixed rig productions have given us unparalleled access to familiar worlds. We talk to the makers of two of the format’s biggest hit – Gogglebox and 24 Hours in A&E.

Secret filming

The art of filming in secret - four guests discuss what goes on behind the scenes of secret filming and the safeguards that need to be in place before filming even starts.

Our War

A talk with the producers behind the hit BBC Three documentary which tells the story of the ten year war in Afghanistan through the eyes of the soldiers who have been fighting in it.

Filming at heights

From the wilds of Burma to the jungle rooftops of Borneo: specialist camerawoman Justine Evans talks about the challenges of filming in the rainforest.

TV in the wild

How many media professionals would swap their safe locations for a genuinely hostile environment? We look at the unique challenges of filming in extreme locations.

I made this… Earth Unplugged

Working with nature while collaborating with YouTube stars and graffiti artists - assistant producer Nicola Brown talks about working on the BBC YouTube channel Earth Unplugged.