Production / Television


In television, good sound complements good footage and content, and should not be neglected. Whether you’re in studio or on location, having an understanding of how to record audio in different environments is a key skill. This section offers practical advice for anyone working in TV.

I made... Our World War

What does a production sound mixer's job entail? Nigel Albermaniche on working on BBC Three’s Our World War.

Loudness: why sound matters

Whether you’re watching Strictly on your HD TV or Sherlock on your tablet, sound is a massive issue for audiences. We explore how new guidelines are going to affect what we hear.

I made this…Agatha Christie’s Poirot

How do you record sound in a stately home on a high profile drama? We find out with sound recordist James Benson.

Eloise Whitmore: sound designer

What are the principles of good sound design and how can you use sound to create and enhance images? Sound designer Eloise Whitmore shares her insights.

Clear sound: best practice tips

How to get the clearest sound for your audiences, whether you're filming on location or in studio - follow this quick reference guide for a few best practice tips.

Danny Cohen: sound matters

Why we need a best practice guide to clear sound - we hear some practical advice from Danny Cohen.

Composing music

Music is an essential part of storytelling on screen and on the radio. Music composers Roger Goula and Rob Lane join the CoP Show to talk about their work for TV, radio and film.

Simon Forrester: sound recordist

Thinking of a career as a sound recordist? Simon Forrester explains how the ability to listen and not just hear can make a huge difference to your career.

Clear sound: making the most of post

George Foulgham, award winning dubbing mixer, on making the most of post.