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Scripting and writing

Whether you’re writing comedy, drama or scripting a factual documentary, your script will set the tone and style for your programme and have a huge impact on how the production progresses. This section will help you understand more about the process of scripting, and offer tips on how to create impact where it matters.

Jimmy McGovern: in conversation

From early Brookside and Cracker to controversial Priest, writing rebel Jimmy McGovern joins The Writersroom’s Henry Swindell to talk about breaking rules, and finding the complexity in the simplest of plots.

Inner Voices: how writers create character

Do writers hear their characters as they write? Two top writers discuss the practicalities of character creation for TV and radio drama.

Dominic Savage: actor, writer, director

Want to be a great director? Dominic Savage, director of The Secrets and BAFTA winning Nice Girl, tells us about learning the craft of film making, and about how to build your confidence to create great drama.

Q&A: writing for medical drama

Does medical drama make your heart race? Some tips on how to write continuing medical drama from the team behind Holby City and Casualty.

Q&A: TV scripting tips

Screenwriter Tony Marchant gives hisTV scripting tips in our Twitter Q&A.

Richard Lazarous: script writer

Contemplating a career in writing? EastEnders script writer Richard Lazarous tells us how he ended up writing for the UK's most famous soap.

Tips: writing popular drama

Drama producer and writer for EastEnders Diederick Santer tells us about teasing the audience and writing popular storylines.

Q&A: storytelling for factual

A live Twitter Q&A on storytelling with the BBC Academy's Hazel Marshall.

Profile: script executive

Bringing scripts to life on Doctor Who - script executive Lindsey Alford explains how her work helps the writer develop and deliver a story that will work on screen.