Production / Television

Scripting and writing

Whether you’re writing comedy, drama or scripting a factual documentary, your script will set the tone and style for your programme and have a huge impact on how the production progresses. This section will help you understand more about the process of scripting, and offer tips on how to create impact where it matters.

A Brit abroad: Working on drama in the USA

What are the differences between working on an American and a UK TV production?

Arthur Mathews: comedy masterclass

As creator of acclaimed comedy Father Ted, Arthur Mathews has carved his place at the top of British comedy. In this specially recorded masterclass, we hear about his route to success.

Developing The Outcast with Sadie Jones

Screenwriter and novelist Sadie Jones on the journey she took writing The Outcast.

Dominic Savage: actor, writer, director

Want to be a great director? Dominic Savage, director of The Secrets and BAFTA winning Nice Girl, tells us about learning the craft of film making, and about how to build your confidence to create great drama

Great adaptations

What happens when a writer takes a much loved book and adapts it for television? In this week's podcast Hazel Marshall discusses the ingredients for a great adaptation for TV.

Iain Softely on directing The Outcast

The film director on moving from Hollywood to directing his first television drama for BBC One.

In conversation with Mike Bartlett

How do writers get into that headspace to write? Is the writing process different for different mediums? Mike Bartlett answers these questions and more in a candid conversation with BBC’s Henry Swindell.

Inner Voices: how writers create character

Do writers hear their characters as they write? Two top writers discuss the practicalities of character creation for TV and radio drama.

Jed Mercurio: In conversation

How the writer of Line of Duty, Bodies and Critical creates television programmes and builds realistic characters