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Production management

Budgets, funding, copyrights, health and safety and staffing are just a few of the areas a production manager must be able to look after. Develop an understanding of what the technical and creative teams need from the production process with our practical, production saving advice.

Tips: writing a call sheet

It’s the most important document on a production, but where do you start when making a call sheet? Dragons’ Den production coordinator Anika MacDonald gives her tips.

Production coordinator: a day in the life on Dragons' Den

Often the first one on set, and usually the last one to leave - production coordinator Anika MacDonald walks us through a typical day in the studio with the team from Dragons’ Den.

Tips: setting up an international shoot

What do you need to consider when organising a shoot in a foreign country? Production coordinator Kassi Jones gives her tips.

Profile: production coordinator, factual TV

Stay calm under pressure? Great organiser? The key skills of a production coordinator can take you to many productions, as Kassi Jones reveals.

File delivery demystified

TV professionals guide us through the shift to tapeless programme delivery

Sustainable production

How programme makers can make a difference - green champion, entrepreneur and BBC Dragon Deborah Meaden explains.

Sustainable production - short version

Ideas for reducing your programme's impact on the environment - we look at the producer's role in saving money and saving the planet.

Profile: production manager

Missing contributors, a broken camera and no hire car. Problem solving is just part of the job for production manager Jonathan Knapp.

The BBC at the Fringe

Bringing BBC TV and radio together in one place - the making of the BBC's pop up Fringe venue at the Edinburgh Festival.