Production / Television

Production management

Budgets, funding, copyrights, health and safety and staffing are just a few of the areas a production manager must be able to look after. Develop an understanding of what the technical and creative teams need from the production process with our practical, production saving advice.

Manage your media

With the advent of tapeless formats, the concept of media managing has dramatically changed. On this CoP Show we examine how to manage your media on a tapeless production.

Staying alive

From Hackney Weekend to Glastonbury, this week's podcast guests discuss planning for health and safety at live broadcast events.

The BBC at the Fringe

Bringing BBC TV and radio together in one place - the making of the BBC's pop up Fringe venue at the Edinburgh Festival.

Alternative funding

In this CoP Show podcast, Simon Smith and guests Stuart Cabb, Claire Heys and Miranda Bertram discuss alternative funding models for TV productions.

Creating beauty on a budget

Making beautiful TV on a budget - three producers examine how to maintain levels of production but on less time and money.

Profile: production coordinator, factual TV

Stay calm under pressure? Great organiser? The key skills of a production coordinator can take you to many productions, as Kassi Jones reveals.

Jude Winstanley: production manager

How do you get ahead in your production career? Production manager Jude Winstanley talks media courses, making connections and old fashioned experience in our career quiz.

Sustainable production

How programme makers can make a difference - green champion, entrepreneur and BBC Dragon Deborah Meaden explains.

How to get the best out of minute taking

How do you ensure you cover meetings accurately and without tripping up? BBC company secretary Jane Earl gives her tips for PAs on staying on top of this very essential task.