Getting into design

Simon Smith is joined by three guests to discuss the practicalities of getting into design in the TV industry and the skills needed to take your career in design to the next level.

Howard Burden is a costume designer, currently with Dr Who, of some twenty years’ experience. His credits include Red Dwarf and Robin Hood.

"It’s a discipline you can’t really learn from reading a book or watching a making-of DVD." – Lisa Hall

Lisa Hall is a production designer with a passion for nurturing talent and is the creator of the UK Film Design Mentoring Network. Her production design credits include This Is England ’86 for Channel 4 and Holy Flying Circus for BBC Four, Random for Channel 4 and Uberto Pasolini's Still life.

Catherine Scoble is a make-up designer who won a BAFTA for This Is England '86. She has been a make-up designer since 1996 and works on both film and TV productions. Her other credits include Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Complicit for Film4.