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Production design

Make up, costume, set design, visual effects – whether you’re an experienced artist or a budding designer, browse our practical advice and case studies here.

In conversation: costume designer Joanna Eatwell

Costume designer Joanna Eatwell discusses her work on BBC One's Wolf Hall as well as previous works including Channel 4's The Promise - another project with director Peter Kosminsky.

In conversation: production designer Pat Campbell

Pat Campbell on getting into the industry, scouting beautiful locations and working with the huge team that is the art department.

Getting into design

What are the practicalities of getting into design? Simon Smith and guests discuss the skills needed to get started and take your career in design to the next level.

Getting into drama: costume designer

How do period and contemporary dramas get the look right? Costume designer Rosalind Ebbutt talks to us from behind the scenes on BBC drama Inspector George Gently.

How to make it in TV design

Interested in making monsters, designing props or doing make up in TV for a living? Watch this for some expert advice.

Creating special effects for Doctor Who

How are models used in the making of Doctor Who? Miniature effects supervisor Mike Tucker explains.

I made… Sherlock

Ever wondered who designs the sets, props and surroundings for Sherlock? We talk to production designer Arwel Jones to find out more.

Rose Murray: stylist and set decorator

Being a set decorator is more than just shopping with someone else's money - Rose Murray reveals what it takes to work across visual identities, venue designs, film and TV.

Michelle Barrett: stylist and costume designer

Can you dress-make, keep to strict budgets and deal with last minute changes? You might have what it takes to be a stylist and costume designer, as Michelle Barrett reveals in our career quiz.