Getting access

This week we’re talking about the techniques and tips used for negotiating and maintaining access to government bodies, remote peoples and closed communities.

Documentary makers often have to go through lengthy processes and protracted negotiations to persuade would-be contributors to be filmed.

"The whole thing for me about access, is trying to build that trust with the people that you're filming." – Andrew Tait

With Jane Clancey in the studio to discuss this is Roger Courtiour, a producer of many years standing at the BBC, who has often negotiated access into hard to reach areas – most recently for the Our War series on BBC Three.

And joining us down the line from Cardiff are Steve Robinson and Andrew Tait.

Steve is series producer and creative director at Indus Films whose documentaries include Tribe with presenter Bruce Parry.

Andrew Tait is a BBC producer who’s been responsible for such works as Trouble in Amish Paradise and Leaving Amish Paradise.