Production / Television


The role of producer is a complex one. From driving the creative process, to dealing with logistics, budgeting, staffing and management, this section dissects the many elements and skills needed.

Producing Wizards vs Aliens

It's teamwork that makes the magic happen. Derek Ritchie on working on the children's fantasy sci-fi drama.

Peaky Blinders: meet producer Jamie Glazebrook

Bringing Peaky Blinders to the screen took a combination of luck, flexibility and trust, as executive producer Jamie Glazebrook tells us in our latest podcast.

The People Remember

Surprise reunions and recorded as live. Series Producer Joanne Vaughan-Jones on producing the BBC One factual series The People Remember.

Our Girl: battling on location

Recreating the harsh terrain of Afghanistan for acclaimed series Our Girl – producer Ken Horn on how cast and crew coped with the highs, lows and desert heat.

Life and Death Row

How do you negotiate filming with a person on death row? Assistant producer Abigail Mowbray explains the process.

Life Story: discovering new life on film

New animals, new behaviour and new filming techniques: series producer Rupert Barrington tells us about taking technology from drama into natural history, with BBC One's Life Story.

Jungle Atlantis: researching its hidden history

Exploring the rise and fall of the ancient Khmer Empire – researcher Sam Elvin reveals how the team conquered hostile territory and remote technology to make it happen.

Murdered by My Boyfriend: when real life tragedy meets drama

Reflecting the real life tragedy of domestic violence - assistant producer Hannah Keep describes how she worked with victims' families when making hard-hitting BBC Three drama Murdered by My Boyfriend.

How to produce a game show

Fingers on buzzers: Countdown, Catchphrase and The Chase. How do you make great game shows like these?