Production / Television


The role of producer is a complex one. From driving the creative process, to dealing with logistics, budgeting, staffing and management, this section dissects the many elements and skills needed.

Tips: producing comedy

Tips for successful comedy from Adam Tandy, producer of The Thick of It, who tells us how he got the controversial comedy to our screens.

Using user-generated content

What are the issues and opportunities for producers using user-generated content? We find out in this edition of the cop show.

How to produce a comedy web series

We talk about the practical considerations that arise when producing sitcoms for an online audience.

How to produce a game show

Fingers on buzzers: Countdown, Catchphrase and The Chase. How do you make great game shows like these?

Peaky Blinders: meet producer Jamie Glazebrook

Bringing Peaky Blinders to the screen took a combination of luck, flexibility and trust, as executive producer Jamie Glazebrook tells us in our latest podcast.

Getting access

Negotiating and maintaining access to hard to reach communities and government bodies - we discuss techniques and tips.

Our War

A talk with the producers behind the hit BBC Three documentary which tells the story of the ten year war in Afghanistan through the eyes of the soldiers who have been fighting in it.

Profile: assistant producer, observational documentary

How do you build and maintain strong relationships with contributors on the other side of the Atlantic without meeting them? This was one of the many challenges facing Anna Stephens as she helped set up filming on BBC Three’s Life and Death Row series.

Tomorrow’s Worlds: a multiplatform celebration of sci-fi

Celebrating sci-fi across TV, radio and online – series producer John Das on the presenters and partnerships that made landmark BBC series Tomorrow’s Worlds possible.