Production / Television


The role of producer is a complex one. From driving the creative process, to dealing with logistics, budgeting, staffing and management, this section dissects the many elements and skills needed.

Jungle Atlantis: researching its hidden history

Exploring the rise and fall of the ancient Khmer Empire – researcher Sam Elvin reveals how the team conquered hostile territory and remote technology to make it happen.

Murdered by My Boyfriend: when real life tragedy meets drama

Reflecting the real life tragedy of domestic violence - assistant producer Hannah Keep describes how she worked with victims' families when making hard-hitting BBC Three drama Murdered by My Boyfriend.

How to produce a game show

Fingers on buzzers: Countdown, Catchphrase and The Chase. How do you make great game shows like these?

Behind the scenes: Our World War

Showing the First World War through a soldier's eyes – how BBC Three's Our World War was made.

Producing Operation Wild

Animal Top Trumps and lifesaving procedures – series producer Serena Davies talks about producing the three part BBC One series Operation Wild.

The World's War: moving from producer to presenter

Do years of experience directing presenters mean that you'd be a great presenter? Historian and producer David Olusoga talks about his series The World's War: Forgotten Soldiers of Empire.

How to produce a comedy web series

We talk about the practical considerations that arise when producing sitcoms for an online audience.

Funmi Olutoye: planning producer, London Live

Having a head full of ideas, contacts at your fingertips and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the capital are essential for Funmi Olutoye's role at London Live. She talks about working for London's local TV station.

Life and Death Row

How do you negotiate filming with a person on death row? Assistant producer Abigail Mowbray explains the process.