Production / Television


The role of producer is a complex one. From driving the creative process, to dealing with logistics, budgeting, staffing and management, this section dissects the many elements and skills needed.

Life and Death Row

How do you negotiate filming with a person on death row? Assistant producer Abigail Mowbray explains the process.

Using user-generated content

What are the issues and opportunities for producers using user-generated content? We find out in this edition of the cop show.

I made... Hidden Kingdoms

How do you go about filming some of the world’s smallest animals? Producer of BBC One’s Hidden Kingdoms Simon Bell talks to us about making stars out of nature’s tiniest creatures.

Fixed rig productions

From the school to the chicken shop, fixed rig productions have given us unparalleled access to familiar worlds. We talk to the makers of two of the format’s biggest hit – Gogglebox and 24 Hours in A&E.

Immersive documentary

How personal should you get for your audience? Louis Theroux, Lee Phillips and Nelufar Hedayat discuss presenter led documentaries.

Science television

Michael Mosley and Helen Docherty join Sophie Lording to discuss the challenges and everyday inspiration they use to bring science to the screen.

Women in TV

How to find and produce female talent - a masterclass from the BBC Academy's TV Fast Train event about how women are represented on screen.

Constructed reality

Constructed reality shows such as The Only Way is Essex, Made in Chelsea and The Apprentice have become incredibly popular, but how much of it is real?

Groomed for Sex

We meet the team behind the BBC Three documentary which examined the controversial subject of sexual grooming cases involving Pakistani men.