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Post production

Post production is where recorded material is shaped, polished, packaged and comes to life. Understanding its demands and how it works is a must for anyone in the industry. Browse the articles and videos in this section for practical advice on the world of post production.

Profile: editor, observational documentary

How do you make an observational documentary about a highly emotive and contentious subject without commentary? Editor Ben Brown on working on BBC Three's Life and Death Row.

File delivery: maintaining quality

Maintaining quality when delivering digital files may sound daunting for programme makers, but whose responsibility is it? A panel of experts give their tips.

Delivering your programme as a file

Change is coming as we start delivering programmes as digital files. Will it affect programme makers? The first in a series of podcasts examines the issues.

File delivery demystified

TV professionals guide us through the shift to tapeless programme delivery

Delivering your TV programme as a file

How do you prepare a programme for delivery as a DPP-compliant file?

Q&A: file delivery - a programme maker's guide

The industry-wide rollout of file-based delivery could affect more of the programme-making process than you think. Join our Twitter Q&A to find out what you need to know about this big change.

Delivering TV programmes as files

File delivery may not sound like the most glamourous part of production, but if your programme is to be seen by anyone it’s probably the most crucial. This short film helps you get it right.

I made… Deadly 360

Bringing predators to life without drowning in a sea of archive rushes – the weird world of the archive researcher on children’s natural history programme Deadly 360. Amanda Kear tells us more.

Skills: tapeless workflow

John Watts offers advice on how The One Show Manchester team runs a smooth tapeless workflow.