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Post production

Post production is where recorded material is shaped, polished, packaged and comes to life. Understanding its demands and how it works is a must for anyone in the industry. Browse the articles and videos in this section for practical advice on the world of post production.

Editing part 1: the basics

This series of short films breaks down one of the most essential parts of television and video production – the edit. First, getting your material organised

Editing part 2: refining your rough cut

In the second of our films on the basics of editing, we look at the process of refining your material and building your rough cut

Editing part 3: the final finish

You've found the story in the rushes and added music and pictures to bring it to life. Now it’s time to add the final polish to create your finished piece

StrangeCast: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

An interactive guide to the making of BBC One drama Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

File delivery: maintaining quality

Maintaining quality when delivering digital files may sound daunting for programme makers, but whose responsibility is it? A panel of experts give their tips.

First steps: in the edit

What happens when a producer, director or editor walks into the edit suite? What are the steps you need to take to keep your edit on track? Top editors guide you through the first steps.

Using music in your production

Inspiring, moving, or really irritating, music is a must for most programmes today. Why has it become so important and how do you make sure it enhances rather than ruins your production?

Tapeless production

Producing with file based formats - Jane Clancey and guests discuss tapeless production and what this cultural change means for programme makers.

Clear sound: making the most of post

George Foulgham, award winning dubbing mixer, on making the most of post.