Production / Television

Live broadcast

Live broadcasting can be fun, exciting and seat-of-the-pants stuff. But without careful planning it can go horribly wrong. Understanding how to work creatively with that unpredictability is key. Browse our section for an insight into how some of the most popular live programmes are made.

Stargazing Live: live OB engineer

Managing a huge engineering feat like Stargazing Live requires technical know-how and people skills. Outside broadcast engineer John King tells us how it’s done.

Midlands Today: Creating a TV news programme

How do news programmes come together? Getting out there and finding a story, reporting live in a bulletin, presenting - we cover it all in this podcast

Behind the scenes at Later… with Jools Holland

Later… with Jools Holland has seen hundreds of performances over its 24-year run. So what’s behind its success? We speak to two of the production team

National Theatre Live: Taking theatre to the movies

Get behind the scenes with producer Emma Keith to see how National Theatre Live films the best of UK theatre to be screened live in cinemas around the world

TV scheduling

What does a TV scheduler do, why are they important and how is scheduling changing in an on-demand age? Schedulers from BBC Three, Four and Dave tell us more.

David Weir: multi camera director

From the Great Barrier Reef to BAFTA winning Springwatch - the work of multi camera director David Weir has taken him around the world

Live events TV

What are the challenges of live television coverage and what do you do when everything goes wrong? Our CoP Show podcast examines covering momentous occasions.

Making live TV and radio

How do you turn that exciting unknown quantity of live broadcasting into TV and radio? Simon Smith discusses preparing for and avoiding the pitfalls.

Running a comedy marathon

Words of wisdom from BBC Comedy executive Will Saunders on putting together the ground-breaking BBC Comedy Marathon