Production / Television


Good directing requires a combination of all-round skills and often specific expertise unique to a particular genre. Whichever genre you pursue, this section maps out the skills needed to be a confident and successful director.

Making a web sitcom

What does it take to make a sitcom for the YouTube generation? We hear from the director and co-creator of Missing Something Haroun Al-Shaater.

Behind the scenes in Paradise

Going behind the scenes on the hit BBC period drama - BBC Academy producer Helen Hutchinson takes a look round on set.

I made... Gogglebox

Channel 4's Gogglebox is a true living room documentary showing real TV viewers as they are. But how do producers keep it authentic, intimate and not feeling staged? Producer Jon Cahn tells us more.

Tips: an actor's guide to directing

Actors thrive in an environment where they feel free to take creative risks. Shot on the set of BBC's The Paradise, Bruce Alexander advises directors on how to get the best from their actors in TV drama.

EastEnders: from stage to screen

EastEnders director Clive Arnold guides four trainee directors as they get to grips with multi camera filming and discover the key differences between theatre and TV directing.

Case study: directing EastEnders

Taking episodes from script to set and from edit to screen – EastEnders director Lance Kneeshaw describes the demands and rewards of bringing a top crew of actors and technicians together on a fast turnaround show.

Stuart Cabb: director

The BBC was only the start of Stuart Cabb's career. Here, the head of Plum Pictures describes his colourful journey to becoming a BAFTA nominated director.

Ursula Macfarlane: documentary director

What's the best route to directing BAFTA winning documentaries? Documentary director Ursula Macfarlane tells us how she did it, and how to stay creative.

Noel Clarke: actor, director and screenwriter

It took four years to get his first film made, but BAFTA winning actor, director and screenwriter Noel Clarke has gone from strength to strength. He shares his career highs, lows and hard-won knowledge.