Production / Television


Good directing requires a combination of all-round skills and often specific expertise unique to a particular genre. Whichever genre you pursue, this section maps out the skills needed to be a confident and successful director.

Case study: Directing EastEnders

Taking episodes from script to set and from edit to screen – EastEnders director Lance Kneeshaw describes the demands and rewards of bringing a top crew of actors and technicians together on a fast turnaround show.

Profile: 2nd assistant director

James DeHaviland is a 2nd assistant director on Doctor Who, and describes his role and responsibilities on the production

Tips: An actor's guide to directing

Actors thrive in an environment where they feel free to take creative risks. Shot on the set of BBC's The Paradise, Bruce Alexander advises directors on how to get the best from their actors in TV drama

Peaky Blinders: Meet director Tim Mielants

Tim Mielants describes the challenge of directing the whole of Peaky Blinders series three - with six episodes to capture the dangerous and exciting world of 1920s Birmingham

Danny and the Human Zoo

Where do you start with directing your first TV show? What about if you’re acting in your first TV show? And how do you go about all of that with the show’s writer, Sir Lenny Henry also starring in it too?

StrangeCast: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

An interactive guide to the making of BBC One drama Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Iain Softely on directing The Outcast

The film director on moving from Hollywood to directing his first television drama for BBC One.

Directing and producing Shakespeare’s The Hollow Crown: War of the Roses

The Hollow Crown’s director Dominic Cooke and producer Rupert Ryle-Hodges reveal how they created a big-budget television drama from a 400-year-old play

Dominic Savage: actor, writer, director

Want to be a great director? Dominic Savage, director of The Secrets and BAFTA winning Nice Girl, tells us about learning the craft of film making, and about how to build your confidence to create great drama