Working with crews

Choosing the right people for the job will help you get the shots you need. Director Jack Cocker gives his advice on how to work well with a crew.

As a producer/director, you will usually choose a film crew for your shoots.

Different crew members have different specialisms, which might be more or less useful for any given shooting day. Jack Cocker advises making sure the people you choose are suited to the job at hand.

"Always feed and water your crew."– Jack Cocker

On the day of shooting it is essential that you get the best from your team. Jack's film offers some useful tips for achieving this.

He suggests keeping your crew as informed as possible about what you are trying to achieve: what shots you want, information about your schedule, and so on.

He believes that if your crew members enjoy working with you, they will go the extra mile and help you to get what you want from your shoot.