Production / Radio

Specialist programmes

What are the skills, techniques and training needed to produce comedy, children’s, or sports radio? How do radio producers create specialist programmes and how are these programmes shaping radio today? Find out here.

I made…The Lost Women of British Jazz

Radio novice? Don’t let that stop you pitching and developing a great idea. Producer Janine Jones tells us about creating Radio 4’s Lost Women of British Jazz.

Creating radio drama

No sets, no make up, no lights, but painting vivid pictures in listeners’ minds for over ninety years – Hazel Marshall and guests pull back the curtain on radio drama.

Internet radio: setting up your own station

For bedroom broadcasters and would-be podcasters, internet radio offers global reach for minimal cost, but how is it all put together? A panel of internet radio enthusiasts tell us more.

Visualising radio

What can video content add to radio? A panel of broadcasters including 1Xtra's Charlie Sloth discuss audio visualisation. From the BBC Academy’s Radio Fast Train.

We love radio

Reflections on the raw power of radio and why we love it from the people who make it. From community radio at it's best to the micro radio revolution. Recorded at the BBC Academy’s Radio Fast Train event.

Sports radio

A debate on how radio shows grab audiences from TV and from each other. From the BBC Academy’s Radio Fast Train event.

Risks in radio

Taking risks on radio - a panel discussion from the BBC Academy’s Radio Fast Train event on putting live comedy and edgy drama on air.

Innovative radio

Using social media and taking creative risks to create great radio - how Radio 1, Jack FM and Somethin' Else are reaching new audiences.

Next Radio: innovating on air

Never underestimating your listeners, how to do an outside broadcast from anywhere and innovative radio in Africa - the CoP Show interviews the speakers from Next Radio 2013’s standout sessions.