Mistajam's guide to DJing on the radio

Mistajam takes us through the essentials of being a DJ on the radio and his top tips for getting mixing, music selection and presenting style right.

Mistajam is a DJ on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra who originally started out as a hip-hop DJ before branching out into other musical styles. Here he takes us through his top tips for mixing and presenting on the radio.

Before you can even think about getting behind the microphone you'll need to take the time to learn the basics. Understanding your DJ setup is key, get to know it like a new car or gadget. Once you've mastered that you'll need to learn a little bit about music theory such as the ability to 'count bars'. You can then move on to learning the song and its structure, helping you to know roughly the point you might be able to mix or talk over it when on the radio.

Once you feel confident with the technical side of things you can move onto preparation for a live show. It's important to be organised and have your music ready to play, making sure the tracks you play are suitable for that timeslot or genre. Research is also key: have accurate facts about the music to hand such as release dates or artist information. It's also important to get your tone right - be natural and talk about the music as if you are chatting with a friend. 

After you have the basics in place you'll want to have some 'appointments to listen' ensuring your show has enough 'hooks' to keep the listener entertained or hanging on. This could be an exclusive track, guest or show feature.

Finally Mistajam explains 'have fun' - the listener will hear it through your voice.