Production / Radio

Specialist programmes

What are the skills, techniques and training needed to produce comedy, children’s, or sports radio? How do radio producers create specialist programmes and how are these programmes shaping radio today? Find out here.

How to be a specialist music radio presenter

What does it take to make a great specialist music show? Radio 1's Phil Taggart and Ally McCrae offer their advice.

Creating radio drama

No sets, no make up, no lights, but painting vivid pictures in listeners’ minds for over ninety years – Hazel Marshall and guests pull back the curtain on radio drama.

Monki: club DJ to Radio 1

How do you go from being a club DJ to broadcasting on one of the UK's most popular radio stations? Radio 1's Monki tells us her journey.

Access All Areas: Mistajam's guide to DJing on the radio

What are the essentials you need to know to be a DJ on the radio? 1Xtra's Mistajam takes us through his top tips.

Access All Areas: Behind the scenes in the Live Lounge

What goes on behind the scenes of the world famous Radio 1 Live Lounge? We join Fearne Cotton alongside band Bastille to find out.

I made… CBeebies Radio

Making radio that excites toddlers and keeps parents sane is a tough ask but producer Matt Hill reveals how he does it.

Internet radio: setting up your own station

For bedroom broadcasters and would-be podcasters, internet radio offers global reach for minimal cost, but how is it all put together? A panel of internet radio enthusiasts tell us more.

Community radio: preparing a music show

From researching guests to cleaning music Reprezent and BBC 1Xtra presenter Jamilla Walters explains the time and effort that goes into preparing her two hour radio show.

Visualising radio

New generations of listeners increasingly expect a more visual experience to sit alongside their daily radio show. So how do you go about producing visual content for radio?