Production / Radio

Production management

Radio producers need to think about more than just content in their role – budgets, copyrights, health and safety and staffing are just a few of the extra areas they may also have to look after. This section will help all radio producers with practical, production saving advice.

A guide to music copyright

Demystifying the world of copyright - we look at what it covers and how can you avoid costly mistakes.

Profile: production coordinator, Radio 4

Helen Surtees is a production coordinator on Woman's Hour. She talks us through the challenges of her role.

Profile: broadcast assistant, Radio 3

Hannah Norbury describes her day to day duties as a broadcast assistant for BBC Radio 3.

Hayley Osborne: production coordinator

An unexpected temporary role at Radio 4 has turned into a dream job for production coordinator Hayley Osborne. She tells us how a lucky break and her own persistence got her where she is today.

Tim Dye: unit assistant, Radio 2 and 6 Music

The presenters are only a small part of a radio production team. Unit assistant Tim Dye tells us about his vital role keeping shows on air for Radio 2 and 6 Music.

Colourful Radio: growing an independent radio station

No major investors, hardly any salaries, but a massive audience of over 200,000 avid listeners. Colourful Radio tells us how they have to get creative to survive.

Radio indies

How to set up and run an independent production company. A panel discussion from the BBC Academy’s Radio Fast Train event on how to start out and keep going.

Nick Grimshaw: Radio 1 team assistant for a day

The team assistant is often the hidden voice in a radio production, but one of the most essential parts of the production team. Radio 1 Breakfast’s own Nick Grimshaw steps into their shoes for the day.

Production diary: Loose Ends

Tardy taxis, budget blowouts and Clive Anderson: just an average week putting together Radio 4’s Loose Ends, as Suzy Roylance explains…