Community radio: creating a show plan

Being a radio presenter on community radio often means you will be self producing, so a show plan is a must. Jamilla Walters from Reprezent Radio shares some useful insight into what you need to do to create one.

A show plan is a concise guide or blueprint of your radio show. It usually has an overall ambition or focus statement of who it’s aimed at, the type and frequency of music played and what features might form part of the show.

"To prepare a show like ‘Future Bounce’, even though it’s a two hour show, you spend seven days working on it." – Jamilla Walters

A show plan can also be helpful when you need to create a ‘show clock’ or script. A ‘show clock’ is useful for breaking down the show into bitesize, time specific chunks. It allows you to develop a clear idea of where you can place links, music and features evenly throughout the show to ensure a good flow of content.

However even with the best planning, things do change during a programme so it’s important to be flexible enough to adapt your plan whilst on air – remember the best moments on radio are usually not planned.