Production / Radio

Outside broadcasts

Taking a radio show on the road – either open air or in unusual settings outside the studio – adds a new perspective and brings new challenges for producers and presenters. Find out more in our articles, podcasts and videos.

Volunteer runner at the Fringe

Alex Rata talks about his role as a volunteer live events runner and the valuable production experience he picked up.

Tips: planning a radio OB

From budgets and publicity to making it safe - Peter Griffiths offers his tips on planning a radio outside broadcast.

The BBC at the Fringe

Bringing BBC TV and radio together in one place - the making of the BBC's pop up Fringe venue at the Edinburgh Festival.

Staying alive

From Hackney Weekend to Glastonbury, this week's podcast guests discuss planning for health and safety at live broadcast events.

Profile: live events runner

From stewarding crowds to making cups of tea - Alex Rata talks about his role as a volunteer live events runner for the BBC at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012.

Next Radio: innovating on air

Never underestimating your listeners, how to do an outside broadcast from anywhere and innovative radio in Africa - the CoP Show interviews the speakers from Next Radio 2013’s standout sessions.

Making live TV and radio

How do you turn that exciting unknown quantity of live broadcasting into TV and radio? Simon Smith discusses preparing for and avoiding the pitfalls.

Live from the Notting Hill Carnival

How do you broadcast live for two days from Europe's biggest street festival? Through the power of persuasion and a solid 4G connection, as NTS Radio explain.

Five tips on putting together a music festival

What do you need to know if you're putting together a music festival to tie in with your radio station? Kate Holder, project producer for the first 6 Music Festival, gives her advice.