The BBC at the Fringe

CoP website editor Paul Buller talks to three guests about how they put together the BBC's Fringe site at the 2012 Edinburgh Festival.

The pop-up venue at Potterrow is dedicated to bringing a wide range of live music and comedy shows from across the BBC to the Fringe. On top of all that audiences could take part in free workshops and masterclasses giving behind-the-scenes advice and experience, play some table tennis or just watch the Olympics on the big screen and relax with a drink from the licensed bar.

The BBC has had a presence at the Fringe for several years now. But this presence has been somewhat fragmented, with different productions coming to different venues, transporting their own equipment and outside broadcast (OB) trucks with little or no central co-ordination. Our guests are part of the team of people who changed all of that. In 2011 they transformed a small car park into a popular Fringe venue where various BBC production teams could be based and liaise with one another to put on events. They provided OB trucks and equipment that would allow other teams to arrive and concentrate on producing their shows. 

"Rarely do you get all these TV stations and all these radio stations in one place." – Sophie Taitt

Project director Sophie Taitt tells us about the origin of the idea and how it came to fruition. She sheds some light on the problems they encountered and what they learned from their first year.

Event content producer Siddharth Khajuria explains his role working on all of the non-broadcast events on the site such as live music gigs, poetry, comedy and masterclasses as well as looking after the event's promotion and social media. Sidd also tells us how the team were able to capitalise on a glorious Olympic summer.

Event and project manager Ruth Milway talks about the importance of effective communication between the team, the many stakeholders and shares insight into the practical issues that can arise in large-scale events management.

We also hear from each of them about the lessons they have learned and advice they would offer people wanting to produce or work in events.