Production / Radio

Editing and sound design

The art of sound design can transform your radio programme and bring new life to tired formats and challenging ideas. Find out how studio managers, producers and editors make radio magic happen.

Studio managers

From running a radio studio to getting the best sound - we talk to the talent behind the scenes who get radio programmes on air.

Creating radio drama

No sets, no make up, no lights, but painting vivid pictures in listeners’ minds for over ninety years – Hazel Marshall and guests pull back the curtain on radio drama.

Making the most of short form storytelling in radio

The team behind BBC Radio 4's Short Cuts offer their advice on how to make the most of short form storytelling in radio, from interviewing and recording techniques to layering music and sound.

Composing music

Music is an essential part of storytelling on screen and on the radio. Music composers Roger Goula and Rob Lane join the CoP Show to talk about their work for TV, radio and film.

Making radio features

Creating a good radio feature is all about the art of shaping sound to tell compelling stories. Jon Ronson, Russell Finch and Laurence Grissell talk to Hazel Marshall about crafting world class documentaries.

Music playlists

Scheduling music radio - Radio 1's Nigel Harding, Xfm's Mike Walsh, 6 Music's Lauren Brennan and Kevin McCabe from EMI reveal all.

Q&A: how to record sound

If you’re starting out in radio or podcasting from your bedroom, getting the sound right is crucial. Find out what to do and what to avoid in this live Q&A

Rob Shiret: audio & music editor

From working in a barn for local radio, to publishing world renowned content from the BBC: Rob Shiret describes his career in radio.

How to make a radio trail

30 seconds to impress. Three experts share their advice on how to make attention-grabbing trails for radio.