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Covering all genres and featuring contributions from top names across the industry, our podcasts on television regularly talk to writers, producers and directors who share their ideas and offer inspiration on how to craft great programmes.

The Coroner: A masterclass in daytime drama

How can you make a worldwide hit drama on a BBC daytime budget? Hear from the team behind BBC One’s The Coroner

Shark: meet producer Simon Blakeney

Bloodthirsty hunters or social and complex creatures? Natural History Unit producer Simon Blakeney talks to us about the making of the landmark series Shark.

Danny and the Human Zoo

Where do you start with directing your first TV show? What about if you’re acting in your first TV show? And how do you go about all of that with the show’s writer, Sir Lenny Henry also starring in it too?

Second screen

Enhancing the TV experience - Simon Smith and guests discuss the long-term effects of second screen on production and audiences.

Peaky Blinders: meet director Colm McCarthy

It’s the director’s job to bring the writer’s vision to the screen, and managing relationships with the writer, performers and crew is key to getting it right. Peaky Blinders director Colm McCarthy tells us more.

Get your next job in drama

TV drama is booming both in the UK and overseas, but how do you find out about opportunities and get your next role? A special panel discussion from the BBC Academy and Creative Skillset training day.

Peaky Blinders: meet producer Jamie Glazebrook

Bringing Peaky Blinders to the screen took a combination of luck, flexibility and trust, as executive producer Jamie Glazebrook tells us in our latest podcast.

In conversation with Mike Bartlett

How do writers get into that headspace to write? Is the writing process different for different mediums? Mike Bartlett answers these questions and more in a candid conversation with BBC’s Henry Swindell.

First steps: in the edit

What happens when a producer, director or editor walks into the edit suite? What are the steps you need to take to keep your edit on track? Top editors guide you through the first steps.