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Covering all genres and featuring contributions from top names across the industry, our podcasts on television regularly talk to writers, producers and directors who share their ideas and offer inspiration on how to craft great programmes.

Art of the interview

How do you produce a truly great interview? BBC arts correspondent David Sillito, executive producer for Piers Morgan's Life Stories Jeremy Phillips and TV and radio producer Bridget Osborne offer their tips.

Steven Moffat on Doctor Who and Sherlock

A must listen for budding writers everywhere. Doctor Who lead writer and Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat talks openly about his writing career.

Great adaptations

What happens when a writer takes a much loved book and adapts it for television? In this week's podcast Hazel Marshall discusses the ingredients for a great adaptation for TV.

Working with contributors

How do you ensure contributors are treated honestly and with respect while asking them to do something which is often well outside their comfort zone?

Midlands Today: Creating a TV news programme

How do news programmes come together? Getting out there and finding a story, reporting live in a bulletin, presenting - we cover it all in this podcast

CBBC: The challenges of making children’s TV

CBBC controller Cheryl Taylor and presenters Sam & Mark talk about the challenges of making children’s TV and what we can learn from it

In conversation: costume designer Joanna Eatwell

Costume designer Joanna Eatwell discusses her work on BBC One's Wolf Hall as well as previous works including Channel 4's The Promise - another project with director Peter Kosminsky.

How to produce a comedy web series

We talk about the practical considerations that arise when producing sitcoms for an online audience.

Danny and the Human Zoo

Where do you start with directing your first TV show? What about if you’re acting in your first TV show? And how do you go about all of that with the show’s writer, Sir Lenny Henry also starring in it too?