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Covering all genres and featuring contributions from top names across the industry, our podcasts on television regularly talk to writers, producers and directors who share their ideas and offer inspiration on how to craft great programmes.

Steven Moffat on Dr Who and Sherlock Holmes

Dr Who lead writer and executive producer, co-creator of Sherlock and many other TV hits: Steven Moffat gives advice and talks openly about his writing career. A must listen for budding writers everywhere.

The BBC at the Fringe

Bringing BBC TV and radio together in one place - the making of the BBC's pop up Fringe venue at the Edinburgh Festival.

How to produce a comedy web series

We talk about the practical considerations that arise when producing sitcoms for an online audience.

TV scheduling

What does a TV scheduler do, why are they important and how is scheduling changing in an on-demand age? Schedulers from BBC Three, Four and Dave tell us more.

Manage your media

With the advent of tapeless formats, the concept of media managing has dramatically changed. On this CoP Show we examine how to manage your media on a tapeless production.

Writing Medical Drama

Does medical drama make your heart race? We've got some great tips for aspiring writers of the genre.

How to be a natural history producer

Want to work on some of the planet's biggest nature programmes? Here are some tips from the BBC Natural History Unit.

Using user-generated content

What are the issues and opportunities for producers using user-generated content? We find out in this edition of the cop show.

Loudness: why sound matters

Whether you’re watching Strictly on your HD TV or Sherlock on your tablet, sound is a massive issue for audiences. We explore how new guidelines are going to affect what we hear.