Production / Podcasts


Covering all genres and featuring contributions from top names across the industry, our podcasts on television regularly talk to writers, producers and directors who share their ideas and offer inspiration on how to craft great programmes.

World Olympic Dreams

Matthew Pinsent and Kevin Bishop on the making of the extraordinary project that followed 29 aspiring Olympians on the road to London 2012.

Second screen

Enhancing the TV experience - Simon Smith and guests discuss the long-term effects of second screen on production and audiences.

Live events TV

What are the challenges of live television coverage and what do you do when everything goes wrong? Our CoP Show podcast examines covering momentous occasions.

TV in the wild

How many media professionals would swap their safe locations for a genuinely hostile environment? We look at the unique challenges of filming in extreme locations.

Working with contributors

How do you ensure contributors are treated honestly and with respect while asking them to do something which is often well outside their comfort zone?

The BBC at the Fringe

Bringing BBC TV and radio together in one place - the making of the BBC's pop up Fringe venue at the Edinburgh Festival.

Make it in comedy

Tim Samuels is joined by Kenton Allen, Jon Plowman, Beryl Vertue and Caryn Mandabach for a masterclass on how to make it in TV comedy. From the BBC Academy’s TV Fast Train event 2012.

Secret filming

The art of filming in secret - four guests discuss what goes on behind the scenes of secret filming and the safeguards that need to be in place before filming even starts.

Controversial subjects

How to to put together a television programme that tackles controversial subjects, from war to drugs. With executive producer for Our War Colin Barr and Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial producer Dan Murdoch.