Radio consumer technology

How is in-car technology changing how we listen to radio and will new apps and technology spell death for radio or be a catalyst for innovation?

The CoP Show takes a tour of the BBC’s Blue Room to find out how new smart phone apps and other technological advances may well affect radio producers in the future.

Garry Green talks to Ben Toone about the changes to what and how we will listen to radio on the move. They talk about the rise of ‘personalised’ radio stations such as Buzzam Radio and Winstone and discuss how online media players and apps such as UK Radioplayer and the BBC’s iPlayer Radio have opened up choice for listeners. They emphasise how programme makers can make their content distinctive in a crowded online marketplace and the importance for radio to embrace and make the most of new technology.

“"We need to use this technology to make things sound better and better rather than be depressed about the new apps and devices out there.” – Garry Green

The Blue Room is the BBC's consumer technology showcase, a chance for programme makers to explore and raise awareness of how the world of consumer technology is changing the broadcasting industry.

Garry Green is a technology demonstrator with the BBC Blue Room. As well as working for the Blue Room's permanent base in London he tours the Blue Room around the country, including the BBC bases in Bristol, Salford, Glasgow and Cardiff. Garry also provides training for the BBC Academy. Much of Garry’s career has been in radio, working for both for commercial and BBC local radio stations.