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Technology and innovation

Whether you’re commissioning or creating content for TV, radio or online, technology is offering new ways to shake up traditional formats. Tune in to our podcasts on technology and innovation to find out how content creation is changing.

The arts…. live!

Theatres, art galleries and museums are reaching new audiences by beaming their productions into local cinemas and online. The National Theatre's Emma Keith and Tate Media's Jane Burton tell us how it's done.

Loudness: why sound matters

Whether you’re watching Strictly on your HD TV or Sherlock on your tablet, sound is a massive issue for audiences. We explore how new guidelines are going to affect what we hear.

Future radio now

How radio can exploit new platforms - a panel of guests debate the issues at the BBC Academy’s Radio Fast Train.

The future of TV

Maggie Philbin is joined by Peter Barron, Nick Newman, Daniel Danker and Peter Cassidy to discuss the shape of things to come for the TV industry. From the BBC Academy’s TV Fast Train event, May 2012.

Second screen

Enhancing the TV experience - Simon Smith and guests discuss the long-term effects of second screen on production and audiences.

Sustainable TV production

Making greener television - can TV programme makers in all levels of production make a difference when it comes to going green?

Games and broadcasting

What is the future for games and broadcasting? Simon Smith heads to the BBC Academy Fusion summit to talk to leading games makers.

2013 production trends

What production techniques and programming will we see in 2013? Media UK's James Cridland, Channel 4's Jody Smith and the BBC's Mirella Breda and Dean Matthewson join Paul Buller to give their predictions.

Manage your media

With the advent of tapeless formats, the concept of media managing has dramatically changed. On this CoP Show we examine how to manage your media on a tapeless production.