Production / Podcasts


Our radio podcasts cover all aspects of radio production, from innovative uses of technology in the studio, to telling great stories through sound. We also go behind the scenes with award winning radio producers to find out how their ideas have come to life.

Working with contributors

How do you ensure contributors are treated honestly and with respect while asking them to do something which is often well outside their comfort zone?

Working in radio production: A day in the life of 1Xtra

Ever listened to the radio and wondered what the people behind the mic actually do - and how they got there? The team at BBC 1Xtra explained just that at a recent live event

What’s so special about radio?

Paul Gambaccini, Sue MacGregor and Nick Ferrari examine the unique qualities of radio and offer advice about the art of radio presenting

We love radio

Reflections on the raw power of radio and why we love it from the people who make it. From community radio at it's best to the micro radio revolution. Recorded at the BBC Academy’s Radio Fast Train event.

Visualising radio

New generations of listeners increasingly expect a more visual experience to sit alongside their daily radio show. So how do you go about producing visual content for radio?

Vanessa Feltz: Secrets of the phone-in

Vanessa Feltz and her Radio London breakfast show producer discuss how to run a successful phone-in

The business of podcasting

Podcasts are more popular than ever, but how do they make money? Media journalist Abigail Edge explains recent developments in the industry

The BBC at the Fringe

Bringing BBC TV and radio together in one place - the making of the BBC's pop up Fringe venue at the Edinburgh Festival.

Student radio

Broadcasters of the future - BBC Academy's Paul Buller talks to three of this year's Student Radio Award winners.