Radio 2's Minute by Minute: Recreating JFK’s assassination

Ever wondered what it takes to recreate a big historical event in real time for radio? We find out exactly how with the team responsible for creating the Minute by Minute format on Radio 2.

Minute by Minutedeveloped by TBI Media for BBC Radio 2, takes big historical events (for example, the sinking of Titanic), breaking it down minute by minute and allowing listeners to experience the story unfolding in real time, years after the event.

Their latest production was a unique recreation of JFK’s assassination on the anniversary of his death.

"These are stories about human beings and human emotions… If you can convey that emotion then you’ll have a very powerful way of talking about history."  – Phil Critchlow

The Simon Ford, formerly of the BBC Academy, is joined by Minute by Minute creative director Phil Critchlow and editor Jonathan Mayo to explore the drivers behind its recent success, how the format was born, and to offer some top tips for aspiring creators of history content for radio.