Next Radio: innovating on air

From making better shows on a budget to looking at where radio is heading in the future – we hear from programme makers tackling the big ideas at Next Radio 2013.

The Next Radio conference 2013 brought in speakers to discuss the future of radio from across the BBC and commercial radio, international broadcasters and pioneering digital agencies. 

Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd led the provocatively titled session People are Idiots, but he admits that couldn’t be further from the truth. He talks to us about never underestimating your listeners or assuming they fit a certain profile, and gives advice on how to be your own authentic voice as a presenter. 

"If you're ingenious and enterprising, you can find new ways to extract value from radio."– Steve Martin

BBC Radio 5 live’s Nick Garnett has reported all over the UK as well as in Europe and the Middle East, using his smartphone to broadcast to the radio studio. He talks about how technology in your pocket can be used to broadcast radio from anywhere without the expense and inflexibility of an outside broadcast truck or other bulky kit. 

We also talk to BBC Music Events digital editor Sam Bailey about how the digital Glastonbury team came together and how it worked on the BBC’s radio, TV and digital platforms. With live streams broadcast from six key stages, 120 performances live and on demand, and 250 hours of coverage all available whenever and wherever you wanted, Sam also provides some tips for anyone who wants to broadcast an event of whatever size. 

Radio is flourishing in Africa in many innovative ways, as BBC Business development manager Steve Martin reveals in his session Hot from Africa. Having travelled around the continent and worked with many of its different radio stations, he examines why radio is thriving in Africa and what the UK industry could learn, including how a community station gains revenue from an unlikely source. 

We also hear from the creative director of Folder Media Matt Deegan, one half of the conference organising team with Media UK's James Cridland, on what the Next Radio conference is all about.