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Jobs and careers

Getting a job in the highly competitive broadcast industry has never been easy. Listen to our podcasts from those working across TV, radio and online to find out how to kick start and maintain a successful broadcast career.

How to be a production trainee at the BBC

Want to be a BBC production trainee in 2014? Find out some tips of how to stand out in your application from the 2013 cohort.

Meet the BBC Production Trainees of 2013

Only a few of the brightest and best TV, radio and online producers of the future make it to the BBC Production Trainee Scheme, but who are they and how did they get in? We meet the 2013 intake in this special edition of the CoP Show.

Radio apprentices: bringing new audiences to speech radio

Why are young people so reluctant to embrace speech radio, and what can music radio teach us about engaging young audiences? We asked a group of apprentices to take a fresh look speech radio.

Women in TV

How to find and produce female talent - a masterclass from the BBC Academy's TV Fast Train event about how women are represented on screen.


The secrets to a successful freelancing career. Simon Smith and guests discuss the ins and outs of going freelance.

Student radio

Broadcasters of the future - BBC Academy's Paul Buller talks to three of this year's Student Radio Award winners.

Getting into design

What are the practicalities of getting into design? Simon Smith and guests discuss the skills needed to get started and take your career in design to the next level.

Community radio

A place where people with no previous experience can produce and present their own radio shows on a regular basis. What's not to love about community radio?


Networking dos and don'ts - how getting together with like-minded people who work in your industry can have real benefits.