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Social media

Social media is now a vital part of programming. With millions of people online every day, it has the power to turn a project into a worldwide success. Browse this section for practical advice on how to harness the world of social media to reach and engage with your audience.

Eight essential tips for better social media in radio

What platforms to use and when to post? Here are eight tips to help you do better social media for radio.

I made... The Fox Problem

Live entertainment broadcast solely online – The Fox Problem is the world’s first live entertainment series to be delivered on a Google+ Hangout. Series producer James Emtage tells us how it all happened.

Creating YouTube channels

How to create a successful factual YouTube channel - JacksGap's Jack Harries, Earth Unplugged's Chris Howard and Jamie Oliver's Food Tube's Richard Herd offer their advice.

Using YouTube

What kind of content works best and is likely to be successful on YouTube? The CoP Show's Jane Clancy talks to Google's Jamie Dolling and the BBC's Oran Soffair about making the most out of YouTube.

Social media branding

A masterclass on how to grow your brand through social media. From the BBC Academy’s TV Fast Train event, May 2012.

Going viral

With 72 hours of content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, how can you give your clip the best chance of being seen or shared?

Social media

The pleasures and pitfalls of using personal social media if you work in the media - what should you do and what should you avoid?

Better blogging

How can you make sure that a blog is a good addition to your programme? Hints and tips on using blogs to enhance your TV or radio show in this week's CoP Show podcast.

Using Twitter more effectively

Making the most of Twitter, with Question Time's Alex Hudson, Father Ted creator Graham Linehan and the X-Factor's social media producer Steve Saul.