Production / Online

Multiplatform programming

Working across multiple technologies can drive creativity in TV and radio multiplatform productions. Stay up to date with the vast array of online platforms and projects with our selection of articles, videos and podcasts.

This works: Winterwatch

Growing the brand and finding new audiences - how Winterwatch has led the way in engaging with its audience.

World War One at Home – a nationwide digital project

Linking local stories to global events – the World War One at Home project uses digital content to offer a new perspective on the British Home Front. Digital producer Katherine Campbell tells us about delivering a project.

Transmedia storytelling

Telling stories across multiple platforms: we examine the what and why of transmedia storytelling, and why producers might want to use it.

Radio syndication

Making the most of your audio assets. A panel discussion from the BBC Academy’s Radio Fast Train event on using syndication to grow your audience and your revenue.

Case study: Planet Earth Live

Behind the scenes with executive producer Tim Scoones on the ground breaking BBC Natural History production

Character development

Taking characters from the traditional broadcast environment and into the digital world, with examples from Psychoville, The Archers and BBC Three’s Jail Tales

TV consumer technology

What are the current trends in consumer TV technology and how might they present problems or opportunities for programme makers? The CoP Show takes a tour of the BBC's Blue Room to find out

Case study: Olympic red button

How the BBC broadcast to over 20 million viewers - editor Matt Millington describes the enormously complex task and how his team achieved it

Games and broadcasting

What is the future for games and broadcasting? Simon Smith heads to the BBC Academy Fusion summit to talk to leading games makers