Production / Online

Multiplatform programming

Working across multiple technologies can drive creativity in TV and radio multiplatform productions. Stay up to date with the vast array of online platforms and projects with our selection of articles, videos and podcasts.

Transmedia storytelling

Telling stories across multiple platforms: we examine the what and why of transmedia storytelling, and why producers might want to use it.

Visualising radio

New generations of listeners increasingly expect a more visual experience to sit alongside their daily radio show. So how do you go about producing visual content for radio?

Tomorrow’s Worlds: a multiplatform celebration of sci-fi

Celebrating sci-fi across TV, radio and online – series producer John Das on the presenters and partnerships that made landmark BBC series Tomorrow’s Worlds possible.

World War One at Home – a nationwide digital project

Linking local stories to global events – the World War One at Home project uses digital content to offer a new perspective on the British Home Front. Digital producer Katherine Campbell tells us about delivering a project.

Make it bigger

How to connect with your audiences in different and deeper ways - a panel of industry experts offer their experience and advice.

Matt Millington: video portals editor

Bringing the Olympics to BBC Online and Red Button - we speak to Matt Millington about how he got his start in the industry and the skills needed to do his job.

Jonathan Almond: interactive producer

How do you become an interactive producer? FremantleMedia's Jonathan Almond tells us how he started and shares his career highlights.

Transmedia storytelling 101

What is transmedia storytelling is and why might producers want to use it? BBC CoP report from BBC Academy's Future Fiction summit.

Innovations in interactive drama

Innovations in interactive drama - how programmes like Doctor Who can teach us what works and what doesn't work on digital platforms.