Production / Online

Live programming

Online, digital and social media is changing the way live broadcasts happen. We take a look at how producers and developers are integrating technologies to create live and responsive TV and radio.

The arts... live!

Theatres, art galleries and museums are reaching new audiences by beaming their productions into local cinemas and online. The National Theatre's Emma Keith and Tate Media's Jane Burton tell us how it's done.

Using digital

Getting the most out of digital platforms with The Royal Opera House's Tony Followell, EastEnders' Matt Taylor and Storythings Matt Locke.

Radio 1 Live Lounge: making radio visual

Visualisation on radio is one way for stations like Radio 1 to attract and engage its demanding audiences, but what are the demands of shooting live acts, and what skills do directors and producers need?

I made... The Fox Problem

Live entertainment broadcast solely online – The Fox Problem is the world’s first live entertainment series to be delivered on a Google+ Hangout. Series producer James Emtage tells us how it all happened.

Profile: web producer

Paul Deane describes his role on Planet Earth Live and tells us the core skills needed to be a web producer.

This works: Winterwatch

Growing the brand and finding new audiences - how Winterwatch has led the way in engaging with its audience.

This works: Globe to Globe

Staging and filming 37 Shakespeare plays in 37 languages - a collaboration between Shakespeare's Globe and The Space.

Profile: Olympic portals editor

The skills needed to deliver the BBC's Red Button service - video portals editor Matt Millington offers his insights.

Case study: Olympic red button

How the BBC broadcast to over 20 million viewers - editor Matt Millington describes the enormously complex task and how his team achieved it.