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Getting in

The broadcast industry is as competitive as ever and demands an increasingly wide range of skills, so what can you do to convince someone to give you your first break? Our articles, video and podcasts from successful producers and programme makers can help.

How to get a job in sports broadcasting

How do you become a sports commentator, presenter or journalist? Find out in this masterclass from the 1Xtra Academy 2015

Student radio

Broadcasters of the future - the BBC Academy's Paul Buller talks to three of this year's Student Radio Award winners.

Radio: how to get your foot in the door

Getting your foot in the door in the radio industry can be tricky, but there was plenty of advice on offer at the Radio Academy Radio Festival.

Community radio

A place where people with no previous experience can produce and present their own radio shows on a regular basis. What's not to love about community radio?

Q&A: how to get into comedy production

Looking to make your break in comedy production? Stuck on the outside and not sure who to approach? Head of talent for BBC Comedy Daniell Morrisey answered your questions in this Q&A

Nick Grimshaw: Radio 1 team assistant for a day

The team assistant is often the hidden voice in a radio production, but one of the most essential parts of the production team. Radio 1 Breakfast’s own Nick Grimshaw steps into their shoes for the day.

Six tips for making a radio demo

Trying to make a radio demo and don’t know where to start? Here are six tips from producer Gabriella Incalza for making the perfect impression.

Expert Women

How do you get to share your expertise and knowledge on TV and radio? Three attendees of the BBC Academy's Expert Women's day talk about being an expert woman in the broadcast industry.

Monki: club DJ to Radio 1

How do you go from being a club DJ to broadcasting on one of the UK's most popular radio stations? Radio 1's Monki tells us her journey.