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Working freelance means that you can control your own career, develop new skills and decide when and how you want to work. Our section can help you navigate the often precarious freelance world, with advice on networking, building contacts and staying visible in a competitive market.

Freelancing for life

According to a survey by industry journal Broadcast, TV freelancers are feeling the strain more than ever. How can the industry address these problems and what can you do to make a career in TV last for life?


The secrets to a successful freelancing career. Simon Smith and guests discuss the ins and outs of going freelance

Your career, your profile: How to get noticed online

Your career, your profile: how to get noticed online - a session from the BECTU freelancers fair on managing your profile and getting that job

Using social media: how to progress your career

How can social media help you as a freelancer? A record of our session from the 2014 Bectu Freelancers Fair.

Radio producers: Winning at the freelance game

Two award-winning freelance producers share their stories of success in radio and podcast production

Radio indies

How to set up and run an independent production company. A panel discussion from the BBC Academy’s Radio Fast Train event on how to start out and keep going.

Radio freelancing

Tips for a successful freelance career in radio. A recording of a masterclass from the BBC Academy’s Radio Fast Train event held on 7th February 2012.

Steven Sunmor, assistant producer

How do you make the jump from doing TV as a hobby to a full time career? Assistant producer Steven Sunmor tells us how he did it.

Feel the fear and freelance anyway

There may be no permanent jobs in TV, but freelancing remains an incredibly attractive career path and can give you great independence. Simon Wright gives his advice on making the leap.