John Finnemore's guide to sketch writing

Goldfish, elephants and a yellow notebook: Comedy sketch writer John Finnemore talks to producer Colin Anderson about making a career out of writing sketches for radio.

Newsjack: an easy approach to writing topical sketches

From generating your idea to fleshing out your story, Newsjack's Andy Wolton shares some rather useful tips on how to capture and shape great comedy ideas.

What is Newsjack?

What is Newsjack, and where do you start if you want to write the topical sketches and one-liners they need to get the show on air?

Writing For BBC Radio Comedy

If you want to write comedy, what better place to start than this guide written by the producers and writers from BBC Radio Comedy.

The open door

From a non-commissioned writer to the in-house team - writing for shows like Newsjack and The Show What You Wrote are well-known avenue to mainstream success. We find out how.

Newsjack: writing one-liners

BBC Radio Comedy producer Ed Morrish gives his tips on how to create the perfect topical joke, the one liner.

Newsjack: from submission to broadcast

So you’ve sent in your sketch and we like it - what’s next? An example of a successful sketch from first draft to broadcast.

The Show What You Wrote: writing to a brief

Writing to a brief provides structure, but shouldn’t limit your imagination. The Show What You Wrote producer Carl Cooper explains.

The Show What You Wrote: from submission to broadcast

Drafts and script editors notes on a skecth that was broadcast on the Radio 4 comedy show.