John Finnemore's guide to sketch writing

Goldfish, elephants and a yellow notebook: Comedy sketch writer John Finnemore talks to producer Colin Anderson about making a career out of writing sketches for radio.

Writing For BBC Radio Comedy

If you want to write comedy, what better place to start than this guide written by the producers and writers from BBC Radio Comedy.

Establishing the premise: Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully

How to tell your audience what your sitcom is about as quickly and as painlessly as possible in each episode.

The Show What You Wrote: an introduction

Hot on the heels of Radio 4’s topical series Newsjack, The Show What You Wrote offers writers the freedom to write to themes not news stories. Producer Alexandra Smith tells us how the series works.

Newsjack: working with script editors

What's the role of a script editor and how do writers work alongside them? We break down a typical working week on the topical show.

Newsjack: from submission to broadcast

So you’ve sent in your sketch and we like it - what’s next? An example of a successful sketch from first draft to broadcast.

BBC Radio Comedy: what we want

What are the comedy shows that would fit on Radio 4 and how do you get your script in the right commissioner’s hands? Essential reading for new writers from BBC Radio Comedy.

Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully

Frankie Ward on the development of Eddie Robson's radio sitcom from initial idea to broadcast pilot.

Writing successful radio comedy treatments

Thinking about developing a radio comedy series? A few simple tips could help you get your treatment seen and your work considered seriously, as this guide reveals.