Make it in comedy

What are the skills needed to make it in TV comedy? Tim Samuels is joined by Kenton Allen, founder and executive producer at Big Talk, Jon Plowman, executive producer at BBC Comedy, executive producer Beryl Vertue and producer Caryn Mandabach.

This is a recording of a masterclass from the BBC Academy’s TV Fast Train event held on 16 May 2012.

Tim Samuels hosts this masterclass about the skills needed to make it in comedy.

He is joined by Beryl Vertue, exec producer, Jon Plowman, exec producer at BBC Comedy, Caryn Mandabach, producer and Kenton Allen.

"If you haven’t got the writer, you haven’t got anything."– Beryl Vertue

What does it take to sustain a successful career in the TV industry? Hear from a panel of award winning and highly respected practitioners about how they have maintained their creativity and vision and continued to spot and create fantastic programmes that resonate with audiences year after year.