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Without a good narrative to guide your audience, they won’t be captivated enough to stay with you and watch or listen to your content. We hear from producers, scriptwriters and directors working across drama and factual about how to construct an engaging narrative to help draw in your audience.

Live Q&A: Digital Storytelling: Filmmaking for the Web

Join us and ask your questions in our live Q&A, broadcast live from BBC Birmingham at 1830 GMT on Thursday 15 October

Storytelling: structuring your story

So you know the story you want to tell. You have to build it with the correct structure or you risk going off-piste and losing the audience along the way.

Distributing video online

You’ve nailed your story and filmed your video and it’s all ready to go online. But where? Here’s some things to think about before you decide.

Storytelling: strengthening and developing your story

Anyone can be create some video and put it online. Telling the story and telling it well is the difficult part.

Creating short form video for the web

How is editing for short form video platforms like YouTube different to tradional editing for TV?

Improvisation for storytellers

Using improvisation techniques to enhance storytelling - Hazel Marshall and guests share ideas on how to tease performances out of actors.

Profession based dramas

How to create authentic drama around specific professions - three writers and producers share the secrets of the craft.

Make it in drama

Learn from the drama greats - a masterclass on making it in drama from the BBC Academy’s TV Fast Train event with Ruth Caleb, Jane Featherstone and Andrew Davies.

Make it in comedy

Tim Samuels is joined by Kenton Allen, Jon Plowman, Beryl Vertue and Caryn Mandabach for a masterclass on how to make it in TV comedy. From the BBC Academy’s TV Fast Train event 2012.