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Without a good narrative to guide your audience, they won’t be captivated enough to stay with you and watch or listen to your content. We hear from producers, scriptwriters and directors working across drama and factual about how to construct an engaging narrative to help draw in your audience.

Peaky Blinders: Photography director and producer

Learn what being a producer and director of photography entails on a drama like Peaky Blinders, how the roles fit within the production team, and what the challenges are

Factual storytelling in virtual reality

How BBC iWonder produced a virtual reality documentary about Ireland’s Easter Rising in 1916

360 video: BBC Click's innovative storytelling

In a behind-the-scenes look at BBC Click's innovative 360 programme, presenter Spencer Kelly reveals the exhilaration and challenges of this new form of storytelling

Digital storytelling Q&A: Film-making for the Web

Our expert panel answered your questions on film-making, storytelling and sharing your videos online

Make it in comedy

Tim Samuels is joined by Kenton Allen, Jon Plowman, Beryl Vertue and Caryn Mandabach for a masterclass on how to make it in TV comedy.

I made... The Archers

Accuracy and authenticity are crucial when writing for series like The Archers. Scriptwriter and producer Carole Solazzo shares her experience of writing for the Radio 4 drama serial.

Storytelling: Strengthening and developing your story

Anyone can be create some video and put it online. Telling the story and telling it well is the difficult part.

In conversation with Mike Bartlett

How do writers get into that headspace to write? Is the writing process different for different mediums? Mike Bartlett answers these questions and more in a candid conversation with BBC’s Henry Swindell.

Innovations in interactive drama

Innovations in interactive drama - how programmes like Doctor Who can teach us what works and what doesn't work on digital platforms.