Tips: Writing popular drama

Diederick Santer has a track record of writing engaging and popular drama stories, and here he offers us five drama writing tips.

When he joined the Eastenders team in 2006, Diederick had already produced two Shakespeare Re-told productions (The Taming Of The Shrew and the Bafta-nominated Much Ado About Nothing), as well as the BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre, a huge hit with both critics and audiences.

"All the best stories are a tease." – Diederick Santer

At Eastenders, Diederick has been responsible for the creation of many popular characters - including the Masouds and the Mitchell sisters - and memorable storylines.

The Boxing Day episode that saw Max and Stacy's affair discovered was the most-watched UK TV programme of 2007, with 14.38 million viewers.