Production / Ideas & research

Pitching and development

The media industry thrives on creative thinking but there is more to it than just coming up with a good idea. This section looks at the process of creating and selling ideas, and ultimately turning them into a production.

Tips: developing game shows

Five tips for developing game shows from Sarah Edwards, the development executive behind The Weakest Link.

Tips: developing content for children

What works for young audiences? Phillip Cooper, development producer for CBBC, gives his tips for developing content for younger audiences.

Leading creativity: techniques and processes

Are techniques and processes vital to creativity, or do they get in the way? We hear the views of the UK's top industry heads, from the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Our War

A talk with the producers behind the hit BBC Three documentary which tells the story of the ten year war in Afghanistan through the eyes of the soldiers who have been fighting in it.

Meet the commissioners

What are the priorities for commissioners, and how can programme makers find the shows that excite them? A panel of commissioners and programme makers from Scotland discuss common questions and solutions.

Meet the commissioners

Priorities for commissioners are constantly changing, so how should you pitch to them?

Features and formats

Is there a secret formula for creating a winning format? And what’s it like to work on a features team? We hear from the experts in this specially recorded masterclass.

Writing For BBC Radio Comedy

If you want to write comedy, what better place to start than this guide written by the producers and writers from BBC Radio Comedy.


Television and radio production thrives on ideas. So how can you nurture creativity and run a successful brainstorm?