Production / Ideas & research

Pitching and development

The media industry thrives on creative thinking but there is more to it than just coming up with a good idea. This section looks at the process of creating and selling ideas, and ultimately turning them into a production.

StrangeCast: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

An interactive guide to the making of BBC One drama Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

The secret art of script editing

What do script editors do and why is the relationship with the writer so important? Corrie writer Ellen Taylor and BBC Writersroom's Henry Swindell tell us more.

Meet the commissioners

Priorities for commissioners are constantly changing, so how should you pitch to them? We hear from a panel of commissioners for TV and radio from Wales in this specially recorded discussion.

Meet the commissioners

What are the priorities for commissioners, and how can programme makers find the shows that excite them? A panel of commissioners and programme makers from Scotland discuss common questions and solutions.

Returnable formats

Finding the Holy Grail of factual and entertainment TV commissioning - tips on finding the perfect format with the executive producers behind Coast and Dragons' Den.

The killer pitch

What goes into delivering a ‘killer pitch’? Pat Younge chief, BBC Television's creative officer, hosts this special BBC Academy session.

Features and formats

Is there a secret formula for creating a winning format? And what’s it like to work on a features team? We hear from the experts in this specially recorded masterclass.

Just a Minute

We hear from the producers who transferred the much loved radio comedy programme to the television screen.


Television and radio production thrives on ideas. So how can you nurture creativity and run a successful brainstorm?