Six tips for making a radio demo

From developing your on air radio persona to staying on top of your timings, producer Gabriella Incalza gives you her top six tips for creating a successful radio demo.

Stay in character
After you have discovered your on air personality be it presenting a music radio show or perhaps a more serious phone-in programme, Gabriella emphasises the need to be consistent with the type of ‘character’ you want to portray on-air.

Paint a picture
Practise your story telling skills - demonstrate these by talking to the audience as much as possible about whatever you are describing.

"Listen, listen, listen…radio is all about listening to other people before listening to yourself." – Gabriella Incalza

Keep your links tight
Being able to convey what you say in a succinct way is important. “Links, especially music links, they need to be tight," explains Gabriella. "30 seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds at the most."

Personalise your demo
The personal touch still works. “I’m always a big fan of personalised demos. Always give something that other people wouldn’t be able to."

Use your time wisely
Make sure your demo is no longer then a couple of minutes, people listening are often short of time.

Sell it
Sell your demo by going the extra mile and really demonstrating to the person listening that you want to be a presenter for their station.