Women in technical broadcasting

Are 'hands-on', technical broadcast roles for men only? Of course not, but figures show attitudes still need to change. Three experienced female broadcast professionals join us to share advice for women interested in pursuing a career in technical broadcasting.

Editing, camera work and visual effects are all technical areas of broadcasting where the numbers of women remain low. Recent reports show that women make up only 10% of lighting technicians and only 9% of radio sound engineers. 

So, are certain roles still perceived as ‘men’s jobs’ or are there more complex reasons for women not entering these areas of broadcast production? What can be done to encourage more women to get into behind-the-scenes technical roles?

"You have to lead by example – if you are a leader in this industry you do have to go out of your way to encourage others to feel empowered." – Sharon Fuller

In this podcast we are joined by Gail Jenkinson, a freelance camera operator, Phoenix Dark-Knight, radio studio manager and voice over artist, and Sharon Fuller, production executive for BBC Sport. With them we explore the issues currently affecting the low numbers of women pursuing technical broadcast careers as well as hearing some top tips from our guests for entering the industry.