Community radio: running a youth radio station

Managing the broadcast is only a small part of the role of station manager at Reprezent Radio – providing pastoral care for the young interns is an even bigger responsibility, as Adrian Newman explains.

Being a station manager for a youth radio station is a unique job straddling multiple areas. From project management and content development to providing personal and professional advice for the hundreds of young people that pass through the doors of Reprezent, station manager Adrian Newman has his work cut out.

 "Everyone screws up, several times, but you can’t just kick people out, the door always has to be open." – Adrian Newman

Young people joining Reprezent follow a well-defined development path, what Adrian calls a ‘five step system’. They start out learning the basics of radio and ultimately progress to presenting and producing their own independent show. 

Peer mentoring is another important part of Reprezent’s work, with the more experienced young people helping the new recruits to develop in a safe, supportive environment.

Getting young people qualified is something that Reprezent are keen on. “If a young person comes to us and they are not in training or don’t have a job, when I see one of them re-engage with the education system, that’s a success, that’s something I can measure,” says Adrian. Starting with AQA unit awards, students progress to bronze and silver Arts Award and ultimately to the Level 3 Broadcast Diploma. These provide a good basis for students to progress their careers into university or the wider broadcast industry