Festival radio

Summer festivals have become a British institution and festival radio is very much a part of that. Independent production company Folded Wing, the team behind Field Day Radio, share their advice on creating and distributing audio content from festivals.

A handful of live events are beginning to see the real potential audio has to offer, not only in terms of promotion, but as a key way of engaging their audiences across the year.

We spoke to Karen Pearson, Jim Lister, Tom Baker and Milly Chowles from Folded Wing to find out about the planning, production, edit and distribution of Field Day Radio. This is a monthly radio programme showcasing the best music and exclusive interviews, mixes and live recordings from artists playing at the Field Day festival in Victoria Park, London. 

"It’s just a really brilliant way of building the story of the festival throughout the year."– Karen Pearson

Karen and Tom discuss the importance of quality live content and the social platforms that can be used to share it with new and established audiences. Jim offers us some interviewing tips for artists and Milly gives us her tips on getting into established festival radio teams. 

Karen Pearson is CEO of Folded Wing and executive producer of Jamie Cullum’s Radio 2 show.

Tom Baker programmes Field Day Festival and runs music promotions company Eat Your Own Ears. He is the presenter of Field Day Radio.

Jim Lister is Account Manager at Folded Wing.

Milly Chowles is a freelance producer, she is currently a production coordinator at BBC Radio 4.